Our Company

S.I.C.E.F. S.p.A. operates in windows and curtain wall sectors.

Founded in 1959 with the name of S.I.C.E.F. S.p.A. covers a 10.000 square meters area in which are located administrative and directional offices, commercial offices, technical department, warehouse and factory area and also a wide open space for exhibition and events. The company has a 15.000 square meters production capacity of manufactured goods per year.

During 2012, in order to extend its market, S.I.C.E.F. S.p.A. establishes Finestradesign Sagl in Lugano (Switzerland).

In 2017 S.I.C.E.F. S.p.A. change company profiles. SICEF S.r.l. Unipersonale is created. In 2019 Roberto Ferrario, who has been present in the company for over 35 years, is chosen as a new president.

Since its foundation SICEF defines itself as a customer oriented company; constantly monitoring non-compliances, daily reports from production and construction sites, knowing the customer determines its success. SICEF mission is to pursue quality, not only selecting products, but also monitoring and improving all the production cycle: the company is ISO9001:2008 compliant.

SICEF are pursued production objectives looking at safety and environmental sustainability, the latter being a fundamental value to S.I.C.E.F. S.p.A. manufacturing process. SICEF has its own photovoltaic system producing 100.000 kWh per year, which is highly above the company’s energy requirements. All the windows and curtain walls systems used are high-tech and recyclable, ensure high-energy performance, thus concurring in buildings’ emission and energy consumption reduction. Today we can integrate all these technical aspects with architectural projects ensuring high levels of transparency, lightness and minimal visual impact.

The ability to suggest suitable and unique technical solutions makes the factory matchless; every designer is either supported from the beginning of a project, in technical aspects or cost evaluation. The factory provides customers with proficient technicians, using high-end software such as AutoCAD and SolidWorks. SICEF has two CNC machining and milling centres, namely Emmegi Quadra and Satellite, an Emmegi cutting centre and various Schüco tools and machines. The aluminium and steel sheet department has two CNC press breakers, a guillotine shear and a CNC punching centre.

The company developed, during years, knowledge and experience allowing facing any kind of project without uncertainty and aims to be dynamic and willing to compete in a highly competitive market. The following pictures show the care for details, the constant commitment, the expertise and the passion for our work.